My name is Arne Skinlo and I have a great passion for photography. As most photographers at my age (born in 1951), I started out with black and white. The experience from developing analoge pictures in the darkroom, I think is influencing how I now develop my digital photos.
I have nothing against colour photography. Most of my pictures taken through my life are in colour. However, there is something about the black and white images that cannot be expressed in colour.
The last two years I have spent a lot of time learning how to make expressive black and white images. This means studying the old masters like Ansel Adams, Edward Weston and Alfred Stieglitz. I have also got help and guidance from personal mentors like Julia Anna Gospodarou in Fine Art Architecture Photography.
Even if Fine Art Architecture Photography is a passion for me, I want to go further and using some of the same working methods in landscape and portrait photography; expressing my vision in my pictures instead of reproducing the exact reality.
This personal development has also brought me from not only making single pictures, but more into working with series of pictures, telling a story.
If you like my style of work, you may very well contact me and let me know. Also if you want pictures taken in my style, you are also welcome.
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